The Miracle of  Growing Food Regeneratively

Creating Local Food Security & Healthy, Vibrant, Regenerated Living Soil, & Nutrient Dense Food

4th January 2021

This is the time of the year of “not quite ready” – tomatoes fattening but still green, sweet corn fattening but not yet fully filled and ready to cook, peaches, apples and pears swelling gently, but a long wile to go before harvest, runner beans starting to wind their way up the poles, but a while before flowering and cropping, winter savoy and Brussels sprout plants still young, but growing more sturdy each day.

On the other hand – large spring and Chinese cabbages ready for the kitchen, along with a healthy crop of early potatoes, that only need a gentle wire wool scrub under the kitchen tap to be ready for boiling and adding to summer salad mixes and hardboiled eggs – this time of warm daytimes and still comfortable nights, and shorts, sandals and tee shirts.

The wise gardener knows that after the seeds are sown, Nature takes over from then on. The rain, the power of the sun and the amazingly complicated micro-life of the soil feeding the plants. He or She knows that no gardener has ever ‘grown’ a plant, that after tending to the soil, bringing it back to a healthy thriving form and sowing the seeds – plants know how to grow themselves. This is the time to stand in awe at the workings of Nature.