The Miracle of  Growing Food Regeneratively

Creating Local Food Security & Healthy, Vibrant, Regenerated Living Soil, & Nutrient Dense Food

19th May 2022

Below is a link to a fascinating article in the Gardian newspaper about the essential practice of creating and maintain healthy living soils, whilst so many farming soils are being destroyed by modern chemical practices. The article is also about a guy called Tolly (Iain Tolhurst), who has been running an organic horticultural farm, without any inputs, such as fertilisers or manures.

Tolly’s approach is very interesting. The soil on his property is entirely self-sufficient in creating and maintaining its natural fertility, without external imports, by using green manures, as well as increasing disease and pest control by having as much ‘wild areas’ with as many different species of plants and flowers as possible.

There is also a link to an interview with Tolly about his methods. What is exciting about Tolly’s approach is the level to which he has taken it and made it successful. I find it all very inspiring! Well worth looking at the link below: