The Miracle of  Growing Food Regeneratively

Creating Local Food Security & Healthy, Vibrant, Regenerated Living Soil, & Nutrient Dense Food

22nd November 2021


It is a busy time in our garden. Everything grows so fast at this time of year.


Pinch out the tops of the tomato plants when they have produced 4 clusters of fruit. Also remove the side-shoots that grow from each leaf joint when they are still small, with the exception of bush varieties which need no staking or side-shoot removing.

To protect our tomatoes, peppers and eggplants from psyllid mites and the destructive bacterial disease they bring, we have built a curved tent over them, covered in a plastic mesh that is fine enough to stop the mites from squeezing through. I will update you later about the effectiveness of the tent.


I have been spraying fruit trees and bushes plus vegetables once a week with NatureZest ( This is made from plant extracts that encourage your plants to produce a range of essential oils that protect the plants from pests and diseases and environmental stress.


Our apple trees have been very productive this season and it has been necessary to thin the young crop of tiny apples, so that the remaining ones will grow to a good size and will not rub against each other.